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Take It Even Further With Personal Coaching

Weekly Guidance For Seduction Mastery

I know you already joined the program and you are doing amazing but if you want to jump in and become a part of the weekly online coaching program; this is your chance! The Weekly Coaching Program will help you to make the most out of Becoming The Ultimate Man Course by keeping you accountable and pointing out everything in real time. 

Today only $497

This Is More Than Personal Coaching...

It is about creating a functional community and move the members with the right type of practices and guidance through the obstacles and sticking points.

What About The Process

Coaching Length 
Lifetime access

Difficulty Level Complete Beginner to Advanced

The Goal
5x your results with women

What is it?

It is a 10 weeks long extensive coaching program that will cover every topic on it’s own each week and give you the guidance and accountability you are seeking.

Who is it for?

This online coaching program is for the people who already enrolled into Becoming The Ultimate Man Course and wants to take their learning and understanding further ahead.

Where does it happen?

All of the weekly coaching calls will be held on Zoom and will be recorded so you will have lifetime access to the coaching calls which will give you the possibility of going back and refreshing your knowledge.

How does it work?

It’s simple, every week we get on Zoom and go over the each section of the product and related topics around it. Along side going through the product; I give you personal feedback and point out your sticking points and give you a clear road map on what you need to work on. I will set up goials and a plan for you as well as answer any of your questions and create personalized routines and structures for you.

When does it start?

The time and the date will be choosen depending on what works for everyone.

Why does it exist?

We created this coaching program to compansate Becoming The Ultimate Man Course because we wanted to help other men have the kind of freedom we have in dating. The ability to pull any night of the week, to sleep with multiple women or to find that one girl of your dreams. 

Inside The 10 Weeks Coaching Call Program...

Mindsets & Beliefs

Ultimate Man Project Model

Opening & Subcommunications Mastery



Compliance & Investment

Frame Control

Sexual Escalation


Limiting Beliefs




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My "Do The Work" 30 Days Money Back

Take Action Using The Course & I Will Cover The Risk On Your Enrollment

I am so confident in 10 Weeks Online Coaching Program and it’s results, that I provide a 30 day “do the work” guarantee for every student. If you take action on the program and implement everything I teach you, and you’re not happy, let me know within 30 days, I will give you a full refund. All I ask is that you use the program and the coaching. As long as you jump on calls for the first 4 weeks of program, use the coaching and actually get out there and be consistent, you are 100% covered to receive all your money back if you are not happy. If you give the program (and your dating life) an honest and proper fighting chance, I’ll slash your risk right down to almost nothing.


How to fully embody the Beginners’ Mindset that allows your psychology to fully absorb all the lesson’s so that you won’t let your ego get in the way of you reaching your full, true attractive potential.

The Secret Mindset We Teach Our Students To Make Sure That They Bring Positive Energy Into Every Interaction We Enter…

How to Fail The Right Way So That You Don’t Spend Unnecessary Time In The Field, Making The Same Mistakes Over And Over Again…

Simple Yet Brutally Effective Mental Reframes That Eliminate Self-Doubt & Ensures That You Always Feel Empowered & Confident Around Attractive Women

The 3-Step-Process To Cleanse Yourself From The Negative Mindsets That Cripple Your Success With Women

Our Heavily Field Tested & Optimized Structure that we teach to our students during our 14-day Residential Programs to help them pull & close as many hot girls as possible.

The Entire Step-By-Step Process From “Hello” To Taking Her To Your Bedroom… And How To Have Her Coming Back For More

Why Everything We Do In Game Is To Generate Compliance

How To Always Make The Right Decision In Your Interactions Even If You Still Have Poor Social Skills

The Most Effective & Advanced Compliance Model EVER Created That Even A Beginner Can Use To Turn Every “Maybe”-Response Into An Enthusiastic “Yes!”, And Sometimes Even A “No”…

Why Other Compliance Models Based On Only “Spiking Buying Temperature” Are Ineffective & Outdated

The Correct Way To Think About Opening To Always Remain In Control And Never Be “Thrown Off” By Negative Reactions… And How To Reverse Negative Reactions & “Shit Tests” By Manipulating The Group Dynamics To The Point Where She Is BEGGING For Your Attention & Validation

How Levering Little-Known Cognitive Biases To Build Instant Trust, Safety & Familiarity Can Transform A Complete “Blow Out” To Her Giggling Uncontrollably & Start Chasing You…

Never-Before Revealed Technique To Test & Prime Her “Compliance Levels Before You Open To Save Yourself From Pointless Rejection… And How To Make Her Chase You Before You Open Even If She’s A “Low Probability Girl”… [We Discovered This One By Mistake]

How To Consistently Spike Her Curiosity So Much That She Has To Talk To You… Before You Even Open!

How To Always Open From A High-Value Frame So That The Girl Perceived You As Sex Worthy And Never As “Creepy” or “Weird”!

How To Achieve A Grounded & Relaxed Posture So That You Immediately Radiate Confidence & Masculinity To Command The Respect You Deserve In Any Room You Enter…


Learn How To Shoot You Perceived Value So High That You’re On The Same Level Of Attractiveness As Celebrities, Especially If You’re Just A Regular Guy Without Lying!

How To Make Yourself Relatable To Women By Showing Emotional Empathy And Social Intelligence… And Why These Seemingly “Innocent” Social Mistakes Are Ruining Your Dating Life

 Discover The Different Types Of Hidden “Value Triggers” That Women Are Biologically Programmed To Look For In A Man, And How To Shortcut Her “Decision-Making” Process In Order To Skyrocket Her Desire For You… [Attraction Is Not A Choice]

How To Never Have A Boring Conversation That Leads To “Friendzone-Land” Ever Again!
Even If You Have Zero Charisma Or Introverted

Revealing The Ultimate Frame To Instantly Become An Authority Figure For Her… Even If You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About…

Why Emotional Intelligence Is One Of The Most Desired Traits By Women, And How To Develop Yours Close To Super-Human Levels… Giving You Flawless Calibration To Recover From Any Social Mistake You Make, While Making Her Feel Like Nobody Understands Her Better Than You…

How To Make Her Friends Isolate Her FOR YOU So That You’ll Have Higher Chances Of Taking Her Home The Same Night…

4 Ways To Effortlessy Spike Her Compliance Levels For Isolation To A “Safe Space” Where She Feels More Comfortable Opening Up To You Sexually… Without The Judgment & Slutshaming Of Her Friends

The Smartest Ways To Isolate Her To The Bar Or The Smoking Area To Massively Increase Your Chances Of Taking Her Home The Same Night… The Game Is Played In Isolation…

How To Overcome The Objections Around Isolation So That She’ll Happily Choose You Over Her Friends!

Why Her Compliance Levels Are The Best Way To Gauge How Interested She Is In You, So That You Don’t Waste Time In Meaningless Conversations!

The 5 Different Types Of Hoops That Will Make Her Invest In You So Much Emotionally That She Needs To Have Sex With You In Order To Get A Return On That Investment…

 The 4-Step Cyclic Validation Formula That Makes Her Feel So Crazed With Emotions That She Can’t Help But Become Addicted To You… [The Backbone Of Technical Game]

The 7 Compliance Triggers That Bypasses Her Logical Mind And Makes Her Emotionally Compelled To Say “Yes!”

How To Use “Reverse Psychology” To Provoke Her To Sexually Escalate On You, Making It Far Easier To Take Her Home The Same Night

 The 5 Possible Reasons For Non-Compliance That Are Never Talked About & Why Failing To Identify The Correct One Will Always Lead To Rejection.

Learn How To Reframe Any Girls “Shit Tests” Flip Them Back Onto Her And Always Come Out On Top In Every Social Situation Even If You’re Not Naturally Witty or “Quick”!…

The Right Way To Use Frame Control To Establish Social Dominance Over Other Guys To Become The Highest Value Male In The Environment… And Why Not Knowing This Makes You An Easy Prey For “AMOG’s”

The 7 Commandments Of Frame Control Thou Shalt Not Break To Develop A Rock-Solid Frame And Become “That Guy Who Can Get Away With Anything Giving You The Ultimate Freedom To Lead Your Interaction Wherever You Want With Little-To-No Resistance

How To Leverage The Commitment & Consistency Bias To Make Her Act Very Promisciously Around You… She’ll Love You For It!

How To Make Her View You As “The Prize” That She Has To Work Hard To Get… Making Her Value Your Attention So Much More… And View “Sex With You” As The Ultimate Win!

How To Make Her View You As “The Prize” That She Has To Work Hard To Get… Making Her Value Your Attention So Much More… And View “Sex With You” As The Ultimate Win!

How To Never Miss Your “Window Of Opportunity” For Escalation Again… And Why Failing To Do So Will Make Her Instantly Forget About You As A Sexual Option…

Why Sleeping With A Girl On The First Night Always Build The Strongest Emotional Connection… And How To Help Her Realize This As well…

Why Being A “Sexual Authority” In Her Eyes Is The Biggest Attraction Trigger… Even If You’re Not Good Looking Or Sexually Experienced…

7 Different Types Of Touch To Make Sure That Your Physicality Feels Smooth, Spontaneous & Effortless So That You Won’t Have To Look Awkward Or Inexperienced When Being Physical With A Girl… And Why Using The Wrong Type Of Touch Is Guaranteed To Get You Stuck In The Friendzone!

20 Word-For-Word Routines For Flawless Sexualization So That You’ll Never Be Stuck With “Not Knowing What To Say” And How To Calibrate To Every Possible Response A Girl Can Give You…
[We’ve Had All Of Them]

Never Worry About “Going For The Pull” Again… Our 10-Step-Process For Seeding The Pull & Planting The Idea Of Going Home So Subtly She’ll Subconsciously Find A Million Reasons To Enthusiastically Say “Yes!” Without Even Realizing…

How To Pull Almost Any Girl Under A Explicit Sexual Frame Without Only “Screening For DTF / Easy Low-Quality Girls”… [This Works ESPECIALLY WELL With Very High-Quality Girls]

Once We’ve Taught You How To Build Attraction & Sexualize, Your Biggest Obstacle Will Be The Girl’s Logistical Situation… We Show You How To Get Full Logistical Information In The First Few Minutes So That You Don’t End Up Wasting Time In A Interaction That Leads To Nowhere…

We’ll Turn You Into “The Wolf Of Wall Street” Of Game By Teaching You The Best Ways To Handle Any Objection She Could Possibly Give You When Pulling…

How To Predict & Handle Her Objections Before She Voices Them… Making Her Feel Like You Understand Her Like No One Else…

The 4-Step-Process Which You Can Employ To Effortlessy Find Out Her Real Objection & Handle The Root Cause!

The 4-Step-Formula To Alter Any Limiting Belief So Well, She Will Connect You To Her “Breakthrough”

How & When To Disqualify Sex To Get Her Chasing While Making Room For Handling Objections…

Word-For-Word Script – How To Handle TONS Of Concerns For Example: “I’m Not That Type Of Girl”, “I Don’t Have Sex With Strangers”, “I Don’t Enjoy One Night Stands”, “I Have A Rule”, “I’m A Virgin”…

How To Conduct The Right Aftercare To Maximize Trust, Feedback And Have Her *BEG* For A Second Date Without Her Feeling Like A Slut Or Being Used…

Let's meet your new coach!

Markus Wolf

Executive Coach

Markus’ deep understanding of female psychology and the ability to build deep lasting connections in a very short time has quickly made him known as THE dating coach. 

His students are seldom anything but amazed with his incredible ability to control and dictate any social interaction effortlessly as he gracefully engineers any social situation as if he was born to do it. 

He has been coaching men to find their purpose in life through dating and meeting woman they truly connect with and is now putting 100% of his focus on transferring his unprecedented social skills on to other men.


We have had students from every walk of life. Coaching thousands of students we have seen it all. Whether you are old, poor, short, fat, balding, or socially unaware, we know how to tailor an action plan and advice to get you the best possible results in the shortest time possible. 

This course is based on what works! It’s not recycled pick up or cold approach content. It is based on years of researching new techniques and tested against thousands of women and interactions around the world. Its an easy step by step system that is based around the unique value of masculine sexual authority. Plus you’ll get personalized 10 week classrooms to walk you through the content and make sure you are on the right track

Almost instantly! A lot of the content you can implement right away. However most of our students start to see results once they fine tune the new system they have working for them. most of the testimonials and student results you saw today was after the 10 weeks coaching calls.

We’ve travelled the continents and we have students all over the world. If you understand the principles and adapt them to the girls archetype it will work with everyone! 

Yes, it is a completely secret group. Even the statement on your bill will show up as ‘UMP.’

Yes 100 percent.

This isn’t a program that I get a bunch of my junior coaches to run. You will be seeing me on the coaching calls and I will be personally walking you through the course. It is one of the reasons we have to keep this so exclusive.

New clothes?

Expensive dates?

Better apartment?

No! You need to copy what we do.

Become an ULTIMATE MAN today.


Sign Up and Start Your Course!

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