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Becoming The Ultimate Man


A Step-By-Step Guide To Mastering Seduction with Any Women

Start Attracting women today using our step by step MSA Method 

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Becoming The Ultimate Man is much more than a course, it's a full blown coaching program.

Course Length 
Lifetime access

Difficulty Level Complete beginner – advanced

The Goal
5x your results with women

What is it?

Becoming The Ultimate Man is an unlimited access coaching program that holds your hand as you learn to seduce women from hello to the bedroom. 

Who is it for?

BTUM is for anybody who wants to have freedom in their dating lives. It works for anybody, regardless of your age, location, knowledge or previous experience. All you need is a desire to have freedom with women. 

Where does it happen?

BTUM is for anybody who wants to have freedom in their dating lives. It works for anybody, regardless of your age, location, knowledge or previous experience. All you need is a desire to have freedom with women. 

How does it work?

It’s simple. You watch the vidoes, complete the weekly assignments while using your coaches and all the provided resources and templates. Ask questions on the live coaching calls, follow the process and get results. 

When does it start?

BTUM is an online coaching program that starts the moment you enroll. Everything is to be completed on your own time and on your own schedule. You can go as fast or as slow as you wish. Oh, and you get lifetime access to everything. 

Why does it exist?

We created BTUM because we wanted to help other men have the kind of freedom we have in dating. The ability to pull any night of the week, to sleep with multiple women or to find that one girl of your dreams. 

Here's what you are investing in...


The BTUM video course
(40+ hours of step-by-step training)

Broken into 10 easy to follow modules that take you step by literal step from whatever level you are right now to being able to seduce women out of your league.  

$3,997 Value


Ten Weekly Coaching Calls

Ten coaching calls with me to be able to walk you through the course and keep you accountable. I will set up goals and a plan for you as well as answer any of your questions and create personalised routines and structures for you. 

$3,997 Value


45 Done-For-You Templated Routines

We created these templates for you to remove all the friction we possibly could to make attracting women as easy as possible.   

$997 Value


Admission to the mastermind group

You will be given the ability to access the mastermind family. You can ask ANY question at ANY time and get a response from us or one of the many successful men in the group. 

$1,000 Value


Lifetime Q&A Calls

Hop on a Zoom call with me and the rest of the BTUM community where you can talk to us directly and we can help you out with any issues you might be facing. We don’t leave any question unanswered.   

$6,000+ Value

Every one of these videos and testimonials comes from my actual successful students

Plus, you get these

BONUS #1: Coach In Your Pocket

Approach Anxiety Track

✔ Included Free ($197 Value) 

BONUS #2: Love Reports

Have An E-Book Always With You 

✔ Included Free ($197 Value) 

BONUS #3: Sopot Summit Recordings

Access To World Class Speeches Anywhere

✔ Included Free ($97 Value) 

BONUS #4: Path To Developing Masculinity

Sex Flowchart, Dominance Guide, Sex Playlist

✔ Included Free ($150 Value) 

BONUS #5: Social Circle Game Blueprint 2.0

Game Within Your Circle

✔ Included Free ($200 Value) 

BONUS #6: Free Lifetime Updates

Evolve With The Product None-Stop

✔ Included Free ($1000 Value) 

Everything You're Getting


$ 23,826

Enroll TODAY


or 2 x payments of $1998

*My students are getting crazy results!



or 2 x payments of $1998


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My "Do The Work" 30 Days Money Back

Take Action Using The Course & I Will Cover The Risk On Your Enrollment

I am so confident in Becoming The Ultimate Man Video Course and the results, that I provide a 30 day “do the work” guarantee for every student. If you take action on the program and implement everything I teach you, and you’re not happy, let me know within 30 days, I will give you a full refund. All I ask is that you use the program and the coaching. As long as you watch the first 4 weeks of training, use the coaching and actually get out there and be consistent, you are 100% covered to receive all your money back if you are not happy. If you give the program (and your dating life) an honest and proper fighting chance, I’ll slash your risk right down to almost nothing.


Lessons Include: 


-Goal Setting 

-Your Perfect Girl 


-Feedback Reports

-Kolb’s Learning Cycle

-The Mastermind

-The Four Stages of Competence



-Campsite Rule 

-Fail and Fall Forward

-Gowth Mindset

-Locus of Control

-It’s Your Fault

-Self Love

-Women Love Sex

-Low Inhibition

-Be Unreasonable

-Assume Attraction


-Magic Pill Thinking

-Create A New Mind


-When And How To Open

-ABC- Always Be Closing

-Don’t Be The Drunk Guy 



-Value Affirmation







-Remember Your Why 

-Fear Of Missing Out


-Exposure Therapy

-First Set Rule

-Take A Break

-3-Second Rule, Wings


-Opening Mindsets


-Canned Lines

-Direct Vs. Indirect




-False Time Constraint

-Patience, Direct


-Seated Sets

-Moving Sets

-Dance Floor

-Single Sets

-Group Dynamics

-Opening Group Sets

-Traffic Light System

-Contingency Plans 


-Types of Transitions 


-Perceived Vs. Real Value

-Value Triggers

-Be High Value


-Implicit Vs. Explicit

-Conversational DHV’s

-Open Loops

-Instagram Routine

-Stripper Ex-Girlfriend Routine

-Photo Routine

-Advice Routine

-Best Friends Routine

-Mind Reading

-Other Attraction Routines 


-Becoming Less Attainable

-Find the Balance

-Becoming More Attainable 


-Micro Isolate

-Isolating Basics

-Isolation Examples



-The Five Hoops

-Compliance Ladder

-Compliance Triggers


-Door in the Face Technique

-Scarcity, Authority

-Commitment and Consistency Bias

-Social Proof


-Assumptive Close

-Decision Close

-Decoy Effect

-In-Group Favouritism

-Mirror and Match



-Operant Conditioning

-Compliance Looping 


– Positive Frame 

– Anti Frames 


-Dealing With Shit Tests

-Pass or Fail

-Shit Test Examples

-Ultimate Shit Test Destroyer

-Lesbian Routine 



-The Ladder


-Pressure Off/ Pressure On

-Sexual Tension 80:20

-Be Chased

-Sexual Non-Compliance

-Dirty Talk

-17 Routines



-Seeding the Pull


-Objection Handling Mindsets

-Framing / Commitment and Consistency

-Preemptive Objection Handling, Diagnose Objection

-Confirm Diagnosis

-Treat Objection

-Compliance Vs. Objection

-10 Common Objections

-Pulling the trigger


-Pull Talk 


-Altering a Limiting Belief

-Sexual Disqualification


-10 Limiting Beleifs

-20 Routines 


-Straight To The Bedroom

-Pull To The Bedroom

-Booty Massage 

Let's meet your new coach!

Markus Wolf

Executive Coach

Markus’ deep understanding of female psychology and the ability to build deep lasting connections in a very short time has quickly made him known as THE dating coach. 

His students are seldom anything but amazed with his incredible ability to control and dictate any social interaction effortlessly as he gracefully engineers any social situation as if he was born to do it. 

He has been coaching men to find their purpose in life through dating and meeting woman they truly connect with and is now putting 100% of his focus on transferring his unprecedented social skills on to other men.


We have had students from every walk of life. Coaching thousands of students we have seen it all. Whether you are old, poor, short, fat, balding, or socially unaware, we know how to tailor an action plan and advice to get you the best possible results in the shortest time possible. 

This course is based on what works! It’s not recycled pick up or cold approach content. It is based on years of researching new techniques and tested against thousands of women and interactions around the world. Its an easy step by step system that is based around the unique value of masculine sexual authority. Plus you’ll get personalized 10 week classrooms to walk you through the content and make sure you are on the right track

Almost instantly! A lot of the content you can implement right away. However most of our students start to see results once they fine tune the new system they have working for them. most of the testimonials and student results you saw today was after the 10 weeks coaching calls.

We’ve travelled the continents and we have students all over the world. If you understand the principles and adapt them to the girls archetype it will work with everyone! 

Yes, it is a completely secret group. Even the statement on your bill will show up as ‘UMP.’

Yes 100 percent.

This isn’t a program that I get a bunch of my junior coaches to run. You will be seeing me on the coaching calls and I will be personally walking you through the course. It is one of the reasons we have to keep this so exclusive.

New clothes?

Expensive dates?

Better apartment?

No! You need to copy what we do.

Become an ULTIMATE MAN today.


or 2x payments of $1997

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