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Becoming The Ultimate Man


A Step-By-Step Guide To Mastering Seduction with Any Women

Markus Wolf


200+ Lessons

An entire course that will show you everything about female psychology and the art of seduction 

Lessons Include: Appearance, Goal Setting and Your Perfect Girl 

Lessons: Feedback Reports, Kolb’s Learning Cycle, The Mastermind, The Four Stages of Competence. 

Lessons: Self-Confidence, Campsite Rule, Fail and Fall Forward, Gowth Mindset, Locus of Control, It’s Your Fault, Self Love, Women Love Sex, Low Inhibition, Be Unreasonable, Assume Attraction, Trolling, Magic Pill Thinking, Create A New Mind

Lessons: When And How To Open, ABC- Always Be Closing, Don’t Be The Drunk Guy 

Lessons: Self-Affirmation, Value Affirmation, Visualisation 

Lessons: Compliance, Structure 

Lessons, Reframe, Remember Your Why, Fear Of Missing Out, Rejection, Exposure Therapy, First Set Rule, Take A Break, 3-Second Rule, Wings 

Lessons: Opening Mindsets, Pre-Open, Canned Lines, Direct Vs. Indirect, Subcomunication, Attention, Rooting, False Time Constraint, Patience, Direct, Indirect, Seated Sets, Moving Sets, Dance Floor, Single Sets, Group Dynamics, Opening Group Sets, Traffic Light System, Contingency Plans 

Lessons: Types of Transitions 

Lessons: Perceived Vs. Real Value, Value Triggers, Be High Value, Roleplays, Implicit Vs. Explicit, Conversational DHV’s, Open Loops, Instagram Routine, Stripper Ex=Girlfriend Routine, Photo Routine, Advice Routine, Best Friends Routine, Mind Reading, Other Attraction Routines 

Lessons: Becoming Less Attainable, Find the Balance, Becoming More Attainable 

Lessons: Micro Isolate, Isolating Basics, Isolation Examples, Objections 

The Five Hoops, Compliance Ladder, Compliance Triggers, Reciprocity, Door in the Face Technique, Scarcity, Authority, Commitment and Consistency Bias, Social Proof, Justification, Assumptive Close, Decision Close, Decoy Effect, In-Group Favouritism, Mirror and Match. Reactance , Baby-Stepping, Operant Conditioning, Compliance Looping 

Lessons: Positive Frame, Anti Frames 

Lessons: Dealing With Shit Tests. Pass or Fail, Shit Test Examples, Ultimate Shit Test Destroyer, Lesbian Routine 

Lessons: Touch, The Ladder, Baiting, Pressure Off/ Pressure On, Sexual Tension 80:20, Be Chased, Sexual Non-Compliance, Dirty Talk, 17 Routines

Logistics, Seeding the Pull, Objections, Objection Handling Mindsets, Framing / Commitment and Consistency, Preemptive Objection Handling, Diagnose Objection, Confirm Diagnosis, Treat Objection, Compliance Vs. Objection, 10 Common Objections, Pulling the trigger, Baby-Stepping, Pull Talk 

Lessons: Altering a Limiting Belief, Sexual Disqualification, Aftercare, 10 Limiting Beleifs, 20 Routines 

Lessons: Straight To The Bedroom, Pull To The Bedroom, Booty Massage 

Becoming The Ultimate Man Course $997

becoming the ultimate man

$1997 $997

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Weekly Challenges
and Assignments


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Free Month Of Mastermind Access 

Bonus 3:
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How To Go From Beginner To Advanced In Less Than 6 Months

Hey, Markus here. I’ve coached hundreds of men to become master seducers (even including some of the most popular dating coaches).

And in just a moment, I’m about to reveal a system that’ll change the way you view pickup & seduction forever.

But first, let me ask you a quick question.

Do you sometimes find learning pickup confusing and frustrating?

In that case, you’re certainly not alone. I used to feel the same. Getting to where I am today was an emotionally traumatizing experience in every sense of the word. In fact, it nearly broke me. Every day, I’d spend countless hours studying pickup content. It was like having a second full-time job. Every night, I’d have my stomach ripped apart by butterflies whenever it was time to enter the club. I’d go out every night and apply the techniques and concepts that I’ve studied.  Or at least I’d try to. 

The mere thought of opening a girl would make me shrink, and send my entire being into a state of paralysis. My brain would completely shut down and I couldn’t even utter a single word of the I had rehearsed. And even when I was able to push through that brick-wall of resistance, nothing seemed to work. So not only was I an emotional wreck. I felt absolutely overwhelmed with information from contradicting coaches. It was not until I met my first mentor that I was finally brought out of my misery. What did he teach me?

I’ll begin by telling you what it wasn’t:.
It’s not woo-woo, spiritual nonsense.
It’s not self-amusement. 
It’s not “being free from outcome”.
It’s not “pushing and pulling”.
None of that.
He taught me the basics of social interactions and female psychology.

He showed me the potency and power of technical game.
Very shortly, I found my first glimpses of success. 

Girls started treating me differently. 
They weren’t ignoring me anymore.

They stopped politely excusing themselves to
“go to the bathroom”
(we all know what this means)

Finally, they began treating me with respect. 

As I started to make sense of all the new information, I gained competence.

And as I became more competent, my entire body started radiating confidence.

I felt like a completely new person in no-time. I could effortlessly strike up conversations with groups of people and absolutely dominate the social environment.

Without even trying, I’d command the attention of entire groups, and direct it was I wished. 

Girls would bite their lips as they looked up at me with “bambi eyes”, hoping that they would be the girl I chose for the night.

And I soon started taking these girls home.

In less than a few months, I went from the shy, beta “nice-guy”, hiding in the corner of the club, sipping my rum & coke…

… to the undisputed alpha-male of the club.

Fast-forward a few years, and I’ve gamed in every major nighlife capital on the planet.

Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Warsaw, Budapest, Stockholm, Zagreb, Barcelona, Sydney…

I’ve winged with & learned from the best of the best - the elite of the elite.

And, by far, the most rewarding part - I’ve changed the lives of hundreds of guys who were in the same position as I was.

"It's gonna change your life pretty much. I went from not knowing how to text girls to having text game with phone sex, virgin to 5 lay counts in the first week."
student metin
From Virgin To Writing Sex Novels
"I believe that the skills I've learned will be transferrable to every relationship in my life. I feel like I've almost discovered a hack to business success."
Raised $1M In Capital Using UMP Method
"What I like the most about UMP is that you can feel that their passionate about what they teach and they genuinly want to help other guy’s. There's no ego."
Killing It Ever Since

Seeing student after student experience the same deep, identity-level change that I went through made my mission clear.

My purpose is giving as many men as possible extreme abundance in their dating life. 

But not everyone is able to take 14 days off their job & fly across the world to attend one of our Rite of Passage programs. 

So I sat down, and got to work. 

I wanted to create something different than all the nonsense going around in the community. 

This is my gift back to the community which has given me so much.

I proudly present to you...

Becoming The Ultimate Man

Modules + Live Classrooms

Mindsets & Beliefs

#2 UMP Model

Opening &
Subcommunications Mastery



Compliance & Investment

Frame Control

Sexual Escalation

#9 Pulling

Limiting Beliefs

Here's People Who's Dating Lives Has Been Drastically Improved Before You

How To Do All The Things Listed
Above Without Sacrifice
or Compromise.

And Have This Sorted For Life

Before you get started with Becoming The Ultimate Man, you need to know this:

This Course Is Not For…


People who don't take action
People who are looking to just *feel good* for a second
People who can't handle harsh truths 


Or Even Feel Superior Than Others

$15,000 would be a great deal.

$7,500 would be cheap.

I’ll Sell It For $1997

But If You Order Today You Will Receive Another HUGE Discount
The Price For Now Is…


+ Free Month Trial On Mastermind Subscription 


997 900
  • 27 Core Modules
  • 15 Theory Videos
  • 45 original and field tested routines
  • 50+ Infield videos and compilations
  • Bonus 1: Weekly Challenges and Assignments
  • Bonus 2: 4 weeks of FREE Mastermind Access to the UMP Coaches and all their exclusive content
  • Bonus 3: Lifetime access to regular updates and bonus added content (Infiel, theory videos, interviews and more!)
  • Recorded Classrooms


1997 $ 997
  • 10 LIVE classroom webinars to go through the course and answer any of your questions.
  • Webinar 1: Mindsets
  • Webinar 2: UMP Model
  • Webinar 3: Approach Anxiety
  • Webinar 4: Opening
  • Webinar 5: Attraction
  • Webinar 6: Isolation
  • Webinar 7: Compliance & Investment
  • Webinar 8: Frame Control
  • Webinar 9: Sexual Escalation
  • Webinar 10: Pulling


2297 1997
  • FREE Personal Coaching Call from Markus Wolf (Usually $200)
  • The call will identify your main sticking points and set up a plan to address them and meet your goals
  • Join UMP for 1 Night of Coaching
  • Join Markus Wolf on a night of coaching on UMP's Rite of Passage programs or their 4 Day Accelerator Course and Sex workshop. Get an insiders glimpse into how we teach our students how to dominate social settings
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